Writing a letter to my Father has changed my life for the better. For years, I felt empty, bitter and was filled with un-forgiveness in my heart because my biological father was not a part of my life. It was not until five years after his passing that I had finally realized that the key to me moving forward with my life was to deal with my suppressed emotions. Even though I was not able to express my thoughts and feelings while he was still alive, I am truly grateful that I wrote this letter. From that moment forward, it has given me a peace mind and added closure to my relationship with my father. Above all, I know I have benefited and grown in various areas of my personal life after writing a letter to my Father.

– Larisha Warner

I was an adopted child to my parents. My father sexually abused me as well as let his friends abuse me. My mom was aware. After many years of individual therapy as well as group therapy, I wrote a letter to him. He had been dead for 10 years at the time but having the opportunity to write it down on paper knowing he would never read it was still extremely liberating to me. It took me many years of work to realize and accept I was not deserving of the life I had with my parents. I would highly recommend this exercise to those in my situation. There is a certain strength to be found in being able to not only write the words, but to feel I appreciate the opportunity to share and have much gratitude for those not afraid to bring this to light or give those of us who choose, a voice.

– Anne Peshka

“Wow! What a releasing experience,” was my immediate thought after writing my letter. Once I started writing, I felt like I couldn’t put my pen down until I felt a move in my spirit. It was as if I was talking directly to him, admitting to things I was sure I had let go of and buried. Writing a letter to my father truly helped me understand the impact of our relationship and more importantly, the effect that it had on me as I grew and developed into a young woman. I got so much healing from this participation, that it encouraged me to write even more letters. Now that’s it’s all said and done, I’m overcome simultaneously with anxiety and elation about the book’s release. I want to thank the author for allowing me to contribute to such an amazing concept and for providing young women like myself the chance to share their personal experiences on a judgment free platform.

– Gaskins


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