Restoring a Lost Relationship

They say never burn bridges, but what happens when you do? Whether accidentally or purposely, what do you do when the match has been lit and there are just ashes on the ground? What am I talking about? Lost relationships. It happens. Whether it’s with a parent, a sibling, family or friend…some relationships become broken. While some are broken for good reasons and should stay that way, others may have been broken but have the possibility, and need, for restoration. If you want to restore a lost relationship in your life then start by doing these three steps below:

  1. Reach Out
    • I know. You’re scared. They hate your guts. Or maybe you used to hate theirs and now you feel weird coming back around. But how else are you going to start mending a broken relationship if you don’t first reach out and let the other person know you want to make things right again (or for the first time).
  2. Apologize (or forgive)
    • Whether you did the wrongdoing or you were wronged, in order to move forward, an apology and forgiveness has to take place. Even if you already apologized, put your pride to the side and apologize again. And if you were wronged and you want to move forward, you have to accept the apology. It doesn’t mean you have to be all the way over it or that steps aren’t involved in trusting again but you will come to a dead end fast if you don’t forgive.
  3. Create boundaries + next steps to move forward
    • You plan to fail if you fail to plan. Both of you have to be on the same page about what steps needs to be taken to move forward and have a clear understanding of what that looks like. What boundaries need to be put in place, if any? What needs to be discussed and buried before moving on?


  • Keep an open heart + mind.

It’s difficult restoring a lost or broken relationship. It takes time, effort, good communication and commitment. If you are not going to be open to the process + the other person’s feelings then don’t bother with Step One.

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