How to Uplift Your Father

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Did you ever know that you’re my heroooo? That’s what some of us think when we think about our dad. They kill spiders and threaten to beat up bad boyfriends, and if they are feeling extra generous, dish out cash from time to time. Above all of that, dads are providers. Whether they are providing a roof over our head or good advice, they are always there (well, they try to be at least) to do the best they can with the best they can. What’s even more heroic is a lot of our dads do it with little complaining and hide the fact that they may be struggling or having a bad day, week, or even month. It’s kind of like they are Superman. But here’s the thing, they’re not. They are human and get discouraged at times and need an extra push to keep going. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your father, you are still his baby girl (whether he acts like it is a different story) and an extra push from you could make his entire week.

Below are five different ways you can uplift your father and make his day.

  1. Write him a sticky note that says he is loved and that he is your hero. You can put it on a bathroom mirror or sneak and put it on his steering wheel. If you live too far to make that trip, a simple text will have the same effect.
  2. Give a helping hand. Ask your dad is there anything that you can help with. Whether it’s something around the house or reviewing some paperwork, anything that you are willing and able to do to lend a hand. Most dads may be too prideful and say nothing. If you can’t think of anything yourself, just the fact that you cared enough to ask means something.
  3. My father loves chocolate donuts + snickers. He loves Coca Cola even more. Typically, I always get on him about having them because he has diabetes. But sometimes, when I can tell he’s had a really rough day or week, I will surprise him with a donut and cola. Think of something that your father really enjoys. It could be something as small as a favorite snack or something as big as tickets to a game (it all depends on your pockets). You can add a note that says, “You are important and deserve it!”
  4. Technology is a beautiful thing. With practically everyone having a smartphone, it’s super easy to send a quick video saying how much you love them. You can make a quick 30 second video saying that he is important, that you love him, and for him to keep going. Have kids? Add them in the video too!
  5. Seeing as though this is A Letter to My Father and I am a strong advocate on writing your father one, if you have a good relationship with your father, write him a letter. You can talk about all the things he has done to inspire you and others and how much of a difference he makes. Even if your relationship isn’t the best, writing a letter focusing on the good things would be a pleasant surprise. And even if you live next door, put it in the mail. I’m sure it’ll be even better to receive something other than bills in the mailbox.

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