What words come to mind when you think about your father? Maybe it’s caring and supportive, maybe it’s cruel and abusive, or maybe it’s somewhere in between. Whatever words you think of, the truth remains the same for all of us…

Like it or not, your father helped mold you to be the very person you are today.

Many are thankful for that one simple fact; while others curse that notion. Either way, as daughters, you’ve come to the right place. A Letter to My Father is your judge-free zone to express both the gratitude and the disgust alike. It is a place for you to come to grips with who you are, by recognizing and accepting how your old man had a part to play in it. The movement is here for you to learn, grow, and heal if you need to;  but, if nothing else, the movement is here to show you that one more person in this world cares about your experience. 

The book may have already been written, but your journey is just beginning. Join the movement.